Sunday, 27 May 2012


Magnolia from my mother's garden

Lily pad at Kew
Pink Azaleas at Kew
Flame Azaleas at Kew

Lily of the Valley from my mother

Alliums in Cambridge
Lavender at Ham House

Bluebells in Blake's Wood, Essex

Regents Park

Rose's at Lifehouse Spa

Phone box in Archway (sorry didn't come out well on my phone!)
So many beautiful flowers.  The Boyfriend and I visited Kew yesterday.  My mother brings us flowers from her garden when we are at work.  In April it was Magnolia.  On Friday lily of the valley.  So pretty and smells amazing.   Unfortunately we didn't make it back to Blake's Wood for the Bluebells this year, although I hear it was a particularly beautiful year because of the rain. Blake's wood is, for many reason's, one of my favourite places on earth.

We have made a start with our own little garden with masses of help from our parents, who have given us lots of cuttings from their own gardens and bought us some lovely plants. There's still lots to do and we plan to run errands over the bank holiday. I think it is shaping up nicely.

I'm getting my wedding flowers done by the Urban Flower Company although I'm also doing some of myself too. I just want something very simple for decoration's and I think doing it myself will be fun.  Although you might remember that I did also think about making my wedding cake a while back. I have conveniently forgotten that I ever though that that was a good idea! 

In other news, I started back at work after my secondment about a month ago.  I have found it more difficult than I expected.  People have generally been lovely, from the security guards who remember my name, to the head of the organisation stopping by my desk to say hello, to people I barely remember suggesting we go for coffee. However my confidence has suffered a bit and it feels like so much has changed.  But I think I'm starting to get my mojo back. I think.

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