Sunday, 23 October 2011

Autumn Stew

With the changing of the season's we have started to eat cosier food.  We took delivery of another supply of vegetables from my parents garden earlier in the week, including some big slices of pumpkin. Now my father is particularly proud of his pumpkins.  The very first time that The Boyfriend went down to meet my family, my father made him take photographs of my little niece to prove his prize pumpkin was larger than a 3 year old.   So anyway on Friday night we had a delicious pumpkin curry made from a simple yellow curry paste and coconut milk.

Tonight we had a sweet potato and feta stew with lots of warming spices.  We needed something hearty today having danced into the small hours at our friend Jo's birthday party. The Boyfriend also spent an overexcited afternoon at Loftus Road watching QPR's victory over Chelsea. I hope he'll sleep tonight.

Does anybody else have any tasty autumn dinner recipes to share?

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