Saturday, 8 October 2011

A little bit of Paris in North London

 Once a month some the shops in Crouch End stay open late on a Friday night for the Barboot.  They serve free wine, cocktails and cake and there are also people selling second hand goods and pretty home made things.  Last night the boyfriend fell in love with a rockabilly pocket square and a Japanese nudey lighter in the Haberdashery where we sometimes go for brunch; and he found a 1962 tube map in Moors Bar - the Victoria Line doesn't even exist on the map.

The real find of the night was Little Paris which for some reason I had mistakenly assumed would be a bit twee. It turns out that almost the opposite is true.  Its full of authentic industrial metal work and contemporary French designers. Utterly gorgeous and unusual stuff.  We particularly liked this 1940's cabinet. Great inspiration for when we find the new flat.  We will go back.

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