Saturday, 12 November 2011

Birthday: Part 1. The Presents

So it was my birthday on Wednesday and I had the most wonderful day.  I had amazing presents from The Boyfriend:

Lovely homeware gifts from two of my favourite interiors shops, including this lovely blanket for autumn snuggling hibernation and this enamel milk pan for autumn hot chocolate.  I love the colours and I would probably not have picked them myself so they were a real treat. 

 A DVD of A Single Man which we saw this together at the cinema when we first started dating. Gorgeously shot and one of the most beautiful romantic films.

That book by Caitlin Moran that I haven't got around to reading yet.

I also got some lovely flowering plants from my parents. An orchid which adds a vibrant shot of pink against the grey walls in our living room and which replaces the many orchids I have managed to kill over the years.  Some pretty (as yet unidentified flowers) and a hyacyth which will smell sensational when the flowers start to open up. 
My favourite present however is probably Esther, the adorable little donkey which The Boyfriend adopted on my behalf.  A private joke between us. I love her and I think we should go to and see her in Norfolk. 

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