Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Where should I begin? I've not been around much again having said how much I was looking forward to blogging again last month. Well with the best placed plans of mice and men and all that...

We moved home. Finally! After a year of property searching, one purchase falling through and two particularly involved sales of our own flats The Boyfriend and I finally moved last week. Yippee!

We were bracing ourselves for something to go wrong at the last minute but moving day was unusually smooth.  We were assisted by a fantastic removal team run by Danny who exudes grace and calm even after a 10 hour stretch of hard physical work and also happens to work as a life coach.  

Even though we were exhausted by the end of the move day, our flat instantly felt like home. As our chairs, bed, sofas and tables came out of the removal van they just seemed to find their place and feel right. The last week has been a whirl of unpacking, taking in deliveries, handy men and electricians.  Our spare bedroom remains packed from floor to ceiling and we have cardboard boxes instead of curtains in our bedroom. But it still feels exciting to come home every time we step outside the flat.  


... I've been thinking about changing career for some time.  I'm coming to the end of a 2 year secondment in a different sector. It was an easy option at the time. It was offered unexpectedly over coffee and it took me away from my old job.  I enjoyed the secondment to begin with and I was offered a permanent job pretty much immediately but I've known in my my heart that it wasn't for me.  I am aware that it sounds spoilt to be fussing about career changes when the job market is so difficult for lots of people at the moment.  However I reckon I have at least another 30 years before I get retire altogether so I need to be doing something I find worthwhile. 

The secondment has given me a different perspective and helped me think more fundamentally about what I want to do. I applied for a new job in a completely different field in February but I didn't get it. Apparently I came second to someone to who is an internationally recognised expert in the field (!) so can't feel too bad about not getting the job. I'm due to go back to my old organisation in a few weeks time but I'm a now bit clearer about what I want to go to, rather just what I want to run away from.  I'm also planning to check out this course at The School of Life.   


The Boyfriend proposed last summer with a beautiful ring from Alex Monroe, my favourite jewellery designer (natch - The Boyfriend is very very good). However we always planned to chose a diamond together. With the move out of the way, last week we bought a lovely classic, sparkly ring. Its being resized at the moment so I can't show the pictures. 

We celebrated our engagement (again) with spaghetti and champagne the Cow in Westbourne Park.  The bread and butter pudding we ate for dessert was sensational. Apart from being almost the size of my head, which is a valuable quality in itself.  I think bread and butter pudding at The Cow may have overtaken the Albion's hot chocolate mousse in my affections.    

I'm so filled with pride and love.  I really can't wait to get married.  I doesn't make any sense but with everything going on all of a sudden I feel very grown up.  And I like it. 



  1. Congratulations on getting engaged and moving home. So much seems to happening in your life too. And your garden space sounds wonderful too. I look fowarding to reading more.

    I too am thinking about a career change, as no opportunities are coming my way in the hard economic environment. Being made redundant is one of the worse things ever to happen to me and its now been a year.

  2. Hi there Shaheen thanks for good wishes and thoughts on foxes- I'm looking forward to seeing my fox too evenyually (somewhere other than the garden tho).

    Sorry to hear about the redundancy, hopefully there will be more opportunities now that you've moved to a new area. Wishing you all the luck in the world.