Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Out foxed

One of the things I've been looking forward to most about the new flat is the garden.  Our garden is not huge by any means but its just right for us and its the first time I've had a one since I moved to London.

The garden is a blank canvas at the moment with a small patio, lawn and decked area at the back to catch the sun.  There's also a pathway and pebbles leading to a shed.   And we have plans.  I'm imagining lovely terracotta pots filled with fragrant lavender and thyme as I open our bedroom doors onto the patio in spring. Beds and borders with fruit trees and pretty bushes.  Runner beans, tomatoes, potatoes. I've got a lot to learn, but luckily The Boyfriend has more experience than I do we both have green fingered parents.

So in my smug sunny garden fantasy haze imagine how I felt waking up to find our garden strewn with filthy rubbish. And then my pure horror when it happened the next night too!  Clearing up in my rubber gloves, I briefly contemplated whether we were being targeted by a dememented neighbour, but I realised very quickly that it was more likely to be a fox.  Bumping into our friendly upstairs neighbour confirmed that we do indeed have a fox living on our road and she (he?) used to make a mess in the previous owners garden too.  Apparently the fox is quite confident and is sometimes seen on our road in early evening.

I am looking forward to seeing the fox for myself, but keen to discourage her from messing up our garden again.  The obvious answer would be to make sure there is no food around to tempt her, but we have no idea where the rubbish bags are coming from as ours are on the other side of the building and impossible to access from the garden.

I'm not sure if there's anybody left who still reads my blog, but do let me know if you have any experience or ideas on discouraging foxes.   I think it goes without saying that we definitely do not want to hurt her.

I've already found some advice on the internet of things we might try, but this guide on the Kensington and Chelsea website is my favourite.  It reads like a spoof straight from the pages of Viz. You can really imagine the type of council officer responsible for writing it. Enjoy.

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  1. MMm the fox is def. not the culprit for bringing the rubbish bags with it. When we moved into this house, only a couple of weeks ago. We noted i the morning that people had dumped rubbish, one of the drawbacks when property has been empty for a while. people think they can use it as a dumpster. Once people have noted that there are now residents living theire they have eased off. We have also blocked the gate, esp at night to deter trespassers. So its possible you may have the same issue.

    Cannot offer any advice on foxes. When I lived in my flat in Glasgow not far just opp the trainline, we woudl get a few oxes walking by, but never had any fox messing in the garden. They were just wonderful to watch.