Wednesday, 28 September 2011


A bit of a sad day. The survey on our flat doesn't look good. We spotted some damp the first time we looked around but it seems like its more extensive than we thought and there's subsidance and some historical damage.  The vendors estate agents are trully horrible, putting a lot of pressure on us to complete to an unrealistic timescale and annoying our solicitor and The Boyfriend's estate agent. 

It is starting to feel like it may not be worth it. I think we may have to walk away.  It is sad because The Boyfriend and I had planned so much around buying this flat.  Growing vegetables in our little garden. Styling all the nooks and crannies. Creating our new home. We have also been waiting for the sale to go through before booking our wedding venue.

Obviously I know that not buying the flat you want is not sad compared to lots of other things. We have a very lucky life. The disappointment won't last.  If this doesn't work out there will be somewhere better for us.  But I still can't help feeling a little sad.  We will sleep on it.


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