Tuesday, 13 September 2011

"Let Thy Feet, Millenniums Hence, be Set In Midst of Knowledge"

Day 6 and the penultimate day of our holiday. The Boyfriend and I wandered over to the British Museum. I'd never been before, although I've lived in London for years.

In case you've not been either, you instantly walk into a white marble courtyard hall filled with light from the delicate glass domed roof. The central core of the courtyard is a huge wide canister which used to house the British Library reading room*.  It's just the most amazing space. 

As you enter the museum The Tennyson quote is carved into the floor.  I didn't know the poem so looked it up and it's called The Two Voices about Tennyson's internal dialogue after the death of a friend.

After walking around the main room we spent most time in the Egyptology rooms which span over 11'000 years of ancient Egyptian history. Predictably the rooms I liked most were the rooms about mummys, myths and the afterlife. Really easy to feel drawn in, genuinely fascinating and even (weirdly) a bit spooky.

Anyway we were the last but 3 people to be turfed out when the museum closed and so I'll definitely go back.  But there are nearly a hundred rooms. Any advice on where to start?

See you soon. 

* By the way, The Boyfriend is the most knowledgeable enthusiastic geek on the planet and he informs me that Karl Marx wrote the majority of Das Kapital in the reading room.

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